High Quality Two Speaker
Radio Systems for Motorcycles

Welcome to Ron's Motorcycle Radio Systems. What I am selling here is, in my opinion, the best looking and best sounding two speaker radio system you can add to the windshield of your motorcycle!

After retiring from the automotive industry where I spent over 25 years building prototype and concept vehicles, I have decided to start my own company. The Radio Systems I sell are my own patented design that I build from start to finish; and I take pride in the Quality in each one I build for my customers.

I have sold these radios on Ebay since 2004 and have recieved 100% positive feedback from my customers; and I have sold over 1,000 Radio Systems so far. Take a look around the site and see why everyone is so happy with Ron's Motorcycle Radio Systems!

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"Looks great! Sounds great! Best kept secret & answer to those that want a radio!"
"Incredible customer service. Great product, don't hesitate to buy."
"The radio box looks great, system sounds great, I could not be more pleased."
"Great radio, great service, Ron is a great guy to deal with! Thank you."
"Thanks Ron, Awesome product, looks like factory fit, great sound!"
"I just recevied my radio and it is every thing Ron say it is. I love it."